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Social Media Management makes it easier for you to listen, interact, engage and collaborate with your audience. It’s important for a brand to establish a consistent identity and engage regularly with their audience. Sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, require a LOT of attention throughout the day. In addition, if your brand spends too much time offline, it can risk losing its audience. That’s where we come in…

Each of our clients are assigned with their own Campaign Manager, which means that you have someone tailoring content and posts to the needs of your brand. We work one-on-one with the main point of contact for your business, via monthly calls or meetings, in order to develop a targeted audience, direction, and posts for your company.


So what’s the difference between Social Marketing and Social Advertising anyway? As you know, Social Marketing is The process of creating eye catching graphics and relevant and interesting content, and distributing them to the proper channels where you want to reach your audience. Social Advertising is taking those efforts and ensuring that they reach your target audience through paid ads on those platforms. So do you need social advertising? Absolutely, without a doubt! A lot of our clients ask if social advertising is necessary, and our answer is yes because of the way that social media is changing the way that you reach your customers. You can no longer go to sites like Facebook and Instagram and expect that just by posting an update that you’ll be able to reach everyone that you want. There are so many other companies doing the same thing, creating even more competition than you’ve ever experienced before, that in order to reach the people you WANT and NEED to reach, additional efforts are necessary. This is where advertising comes in. Our team is trained and experienced in targeted advertising. The way we really find out who your audience is and how to reach them is through conversations with you, our client.